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Welcome to the home of Marine Mantra, leading independent marine travel specialist concentrating in the global marine industry, servicing ship’s crew, ships surveyors, ships engineers, ships maintenance teams, employed in the shipping, cruise, yachts, oil and gas fields worldwide, offering services 365 days 24X7..Non Stop

Our many years of experience allow us to provide a personalized service to our clients and travelers, delivering efficiency and value. With over 40 airlines in relation, our goal is to offer the lowest fares, most competitive services, and routing for your marine travel.

About Us

Business travel is hardly ever only about booking a flight ticket. In a world of ever increasing costs but also a renewed commitment towards the wellbeing of employees, buying business travel is a more complex affair that touches a wide array of business functions in each organization. You need a dependable, accurate and caring travel partner.

Marine Mantra serves this need by having teams and innovative technological solutions in place that work hand-in-hand with your own systems and departments as far as possible.

Our customers come from all sectors of the marine industry such as cruise, private yacht, commercial, contractors, vessel managers, surveyors, and offshore oil rig workers travelling from their homes to their vessels and back again. The success of this business model has allowed us to expand globally.

Our tailored approach, developed with many years’ experience and based on feedback from existing long-held clients, provides you with the ability to choose just how many touch-points your organization has with our own, giving you complete control and oversight of all aspects of travel management.

We achieve this through offering a wide range of marine, offshore and business travel solutions including as International & Domestic Air tickets including Low-cost air carriers, hotels, visa services, car rentals and crew transfers to our customers combined with the latest technology and highly personalized account management.

It's All About The Timings

At Marine Mantra we believe Reputation, Reliability, Accuracy and Cost are important and they each play a part in how we do business and work for our customers. Marine Mantra is here to leave their travelers with a sense of solidity, of being dependable and trustworthy at all times. .


It takes time to create something that lasts. We’ve been shaping our business for years and today proudly support some of the most trusted brands in the marine, offshore and corporate sectors.


We have gained this position through our innovative solutions and continuing evolution, but also through our hard-working and dedicated staff who make themselves a seamless part of your organization.

specialised marine travel agency

Marine Mantra has the experience and resources available to deal with the irregular nature of shipping vessels and offshore operations. We are practiced at organising travel to and from the less travelled routes, which can often involve a multitude of travel elements.

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    Travel Across The WorldMarine Mantra

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    Explore The World

    Explore The World

  • Inspire Your Next Travel Destination

    Travel Across The WorldMarine Mantra

    Explore The World

    Explore The World

    Explore The World


We develop new products and services to meet those needs. We take on our clients’ challenges, and make sure we find solutions to them.

Our Travel Services

Marine Mantra concentrates only on the maritime and Oil industries; specializing in managing travel exclusively in the marine, offshore, yachting, and cruise ship sectors. In addition, our technological capabilities within these highly specialized sectors allow customers to take advantage of high quality business intelligence to ensure the safety and security of your travelers and enhance travel policy compliance. We are in contact with your vessels or attending agents (if provided) to assure prompt arrival and or departures of your crew, avoiding any extra costs to you.

Flag State Documentation

Marine Mantra is a company specialized in handling Seafarer's Flag Documents. We act on behalf of Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Crew Manning Agencies and Consultants.

Travel Planner

Your normal option is out of availability or is high on cost. Travel planner helps you find alternative options and trade-offs between time and price.

Crew Travel Management

We handle Crew logistics for a vast cross section of the industry. With help of negotiated fares and global partners, we can operate in and out of any country in the world at any time of day and night.


Corporate Events

Based within the sheltered sailing waters of the Solent on the Asia Pacific Coast, Marine Mantra has been a market leader in marine-based event management, corporate sailing days, company powerboat days and private yacht charter


Itinerary Optimisation

The slots you offer your customers are tighter and more accurate, your commitment to your customers is honoured and productivity is optimal. Route optimisation solutions are particularly useful and profitable for the following challenges.



Insurance is very important because through marine insurance, ship owners and transporters can be sure of claiming damages especially considering the mode of transportation used. Of the four modes of transport – road, rail, air and water

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